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Opened in July of 2002, started in a 5000 square foot shop with the
owner (Keith Millett) beginning with minor paint and body repairs.

2002 - Started working on 2 small fleets after hours/weekends
and hired two more mechanics

2003 - purchased assets of another independent including tooling
and inventory

2004 - continued hiring to keep up with demand

2004 - moved the operation to a brand new shop in Morton

2006 - added 10,000 square feet & continued to hire to meet demand

2007 - purchased the assets of a medium fleet shop operation In
Shelbyville IL

2007 - revamped fleet shops in IL

2007 - Opened shops for retail business in Shelbyville IL.

2008 - maintaining status quo, refining processes for future expansion

2009 - restructure due to recession, purchase Shelbyville property

2010 - Growth mode, hiring staff,mechanics and created a finance division
Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm/ Sat 8am-3pm
afterhours available
All of the expertise of a dealership...BUT...Faster, better price, greater reliability